Ozone solutions for pools


Swimming pool water pollution is mainly caused by swimmers. This makes it a very dynamic pollution, which is dependent on the number and types of swimmers. Each swimmer carries a large number of microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi and viruses. Many of these microorganisms may be pathogenic and can cause disease. Pollutants can consist of urine, sweat, eye fluids and saliva.

Sweat and urine contain water, but also ammonia, ureum, kreatine, kreatinine and amino acids. When these substances are dissolved in water, they cannot harm swimmers. However, when these compounds react with chlorine in swimming pool water, incomplete oxidation can cause chloramine formation. This causes the so-called chlorine-scent, which irritates the eyes and respiratory system. Because of ozone’s strong oxidation and disinfection mechanism, this makes OZOMATE technology suitable for swimming pool water treatment.


  • Safe and easy to use
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Ozone is produced on-site and requires no storage of dangerous chemicals
  • No cocktail of disinfectants necessary. Micro-organism can not build resistance to ozone even after prolonged use.
  • No persistent chemicals. Ozone breaks down to oxygen
  • Does not continue oxidizing to the detriment of the fixture. Additionally, most Ozone will be consumed in interactions with the off-gassing from the sewage
  • Ozone will oxidize a surface and form a patina which limits further oxidation
  • Ozone is effective in a wide pH range

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