Ozone solutions for grease traps

Ozomate uses ozone in the food industry for:

Ozomate designs and manufactures ozone sanitizing systems tailored to your food processing activities. Ozone is a powerful oxidizing agent. It is a more effective disinfectant than either chlorine or chlorine dioxide. It destroys bacterial pathogens (ex. E.Coli and Salmonella), yeasts, molds and parasites and is most effective when the pH level (amount of acidity or alkalinity) ranges between 6.0 and 8.5.

  • Sanitizing fresh fruit and vegetables for reducing pesticide levels on fresh produce
  • Chemical-free sanitizing of food-contact surfaces, including conveyors, cutting boards, utensils
  • Sanitizing water to make ice. This ice can be used to extend the shelf life of fresh fish
  • Extending the shelf life of meat, fish, poultry and egg products
  • Sanitizing packaging and container material
  • Deodorizing air and water
  • Bottled water production
  • Water-reconditioning or reuse
  • Sterilizing microbe-sensitive areas (ex: labs, food storage rooms)
  • Sterilizing and deodorizing food production and lab staff’s work clothes
  • As an alternative to chlorine

Grease trap contents are ozonated on a regular pre-programed cycle.

Why choose ozone as your sanitizer?

  • Our systems are safe and easy to use.
  • It replaces chemicals in many food applications.
  • Its faster and more effective than chlorine.
  • Though ozone is powerful in both it is aqueous and gaseous state, it is ideal condition of use is in cold water, saving heating costs for applications that traditionally use hot water.
  • Ozone is generated onsite, eliminating storage and manipulation of dangerous chemicals.
  • A green technology: it leaves no residues in food or water and is produced with low energy consumption.
  • Compatible with organic food processing.

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Installation information

-User friendly compact unit with digital informative display.

-Self operated, no employee intervention

-No maintenance required

-Low operating costs

Ozomate can provide you with effective solutions that will help you reduce your costs and increase your productivity.

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