Ozone solutions for laundry


FabriZone is an ozone system installed on washing machines of all sizes and models.

This is a green technology that greatly reduces energy consumption by saving hot water costs. Other savings include water, chemicals, linen replacement costs and cycle times.

Typical payback of an installation is less than 12 months. Turnkey operations – we install the system and provide support for the long-term.

FabriZone is compact and will not hamper laundry room operations. FabriZone is safe and automatic shut-down occurs if needed. Ozomate is a manufacturer of FabriZone.


Reduced Energy Costs

Since ozone cleans better in low temperature water, using ozone in the laundry process reduces hot water usage by 70% (in the winter months) - 100% (in the summer months), a significant savings in electricity and natural gas consumption.

Superior Oxidizing and Sterilizing Agent

Throughout ozonated wash cycles, ozone destroys bacteria, inactivates viruses, eradicates odors and removes soil. It is highly reactive and requires minimal contact time (it works twice as fast as chlorine) to disinfect, helping to reduce cycle times. It is safer than many chemicals used in commercial laundries and is guaranteed to stop the spread of hard-to-kill microorganisms.

Extended Linen Life

Ozone opens up the pores of fabrics helping to decrease cleaning and water extraction time, thus reducing drying times. The use of ozone also means caustic-free detergents can be used and this greatly enhances linen life since caustic is the main cause of linen aging. With caustic-free chemicals, linens are rinsed easier, thus reducing wash cycle times. Additionally, due to the compatibility of ozone with low temperature water, it is no longer necessary to clean in hot water thereby avoiding fabric shrinkage, aging and deterioration.

Reduced Labor Hours

Shorter cycles mean less time devoted to laundry operations, resulting in reduced labor costs or increased productivity through reassignment of employees. Implementation of FabriZone also reduces employee complaints of skin rashes, cracking, dryness and insensitivity caused by harsh soaps, chlorine bleaches and cleaning agents.

Lower Water and Sewage Costs

The fewer rinses due to caustic-free chemicals and the ozone in the laundry system equates to savings in water and sewage costs. Ozone is biodegradable and when it completes its function, it reverts back to oxygen, leaving no chemical residues behind.

Reduces chemical consumption

Using ozone in laundry reduces the number of wash cycles needed, thus reducing the consumption of chemicals. Also, since ozone is used as a sanitizer and can also be used as a bleaching agent for white linens, chlorine is no longer necessary and the volume of chemical products consumed is reduced.


FabriZone conserves water and energy and cuts back on the use of environmentally-harmful chemicals like chlorine, greatly contributing to the protection of the environment. Since ozone destroys itself within the laundry system, reverting back to oxygen, it presents no threat to the wastewater system.

Linens that look and smell great

In addition to savings and efficiency, the end product looks better with ozone. Linens are fluffier and smell fresh.

Additional Information

Why is ozone used in laundry?

The oxidizing power of ozone sterilizes and deodorizes laundry more thoroughly than other currently used methods at an economical price and with no environmental impact while yielding many other benefits.

Ozomate provides ozone generators for laundry systems that work by injecting ozone into the cold water throughout the wash cycle. With this system, hot water is no longer needed to produce high quality results since ozone operates better in cold water. By eliminating hot water use, energy consumption is reduced, cost savings increase, fabrics last longer and less greenhouse gas emissions are generated.

How is ozone used in laundry?

For laundry applications, ozone is diffused into cold or unheated water and reacts quickly by dividing organic molecules and causing soils to separate from fabrics and disintegrate.

After contact with soils, ozone reverts back to oxygen, leaving no chemical residual, thus reducing BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) and COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) in traditional systems.

The injection of ozone to create ozonated water in the washing machine replaces the traditional sanitizer (chlorine or peroxide).

Ozomate can provide you with effective solutions that will help you reduce your costs and increase your productivity.

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